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Watch Now: ARKAY Essential IT Webinar: Introducing SupremeRAID™ by Graid Technology

Are you ready to challenge the status quo for high-performance workloads? Watch our recorded Essential IT Webinar with ARKAY where we introduce SupremeRAID™: The Revolutionary Next-Generation NVMe RAID Controller — and discuss how we solve the traditional RAID bottleneck by employing unique out-of-path RAID technology, so data travels directly from CPU to storage to deliver maximum SSD performance, comprehensive data protection, and unmatched flexibility.

Designed for performance-demanding workloads, SupremeRAID™ is the world’s fastest NVMe and NVMeoF RAID solution for PCIe Gen 3, 4 and 5 servers. A single SupremeRAID™ card blasts performance to 28M IOPS and 260GB/s and supports up to 32 native NVMe drives, delivering superior NVMe/NVMeoF performance while increasing scalability, improving flexibility, and lowering TCO.

Watch now to learn how it works:

SupremeRAID™ delivers what your customers need most:

  • Screaming Fast SSD Performance
  • Unmatched Future-Ready Flexibility
  • Liberated CPU Resources
  • 5x-9x Faster RAID Protection
  • Plug & Play Capability
  • Highly Scalable Applications
  • User-Friendly Management
  • Full ROI on NVMe Purchases

Contact Kelley Osburn, Senior Director of OEM and Channel Business Development
LinkedIn: Kelley Osburn

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