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Computer Weekly: Graid Technology Releases New SupremeRAID™ Solutions

Protecting NVMe data from desktop to cloud environments: SupremeRAID solutions are designed to deliver a leap in performance for towers, edge servers and professional workstations.

By Tobias Servaty-Wendehost, Senior Online Editor / Jan 25, 2024

Graid Technology has announced new versions of its GPU-based RAID systems for NVMe. The new RAID solutions optimize NVMe SSD performance, reduce CPU cycles and are intended to avoid throughput bottlenecks. The performance improvement is achieved by transferring data directly from the CPU to the NVMe SSDs.

SupremeRAID is a software-defined storage solution deployed on a graphics processing unit ( GPU ) to achieve better SSD performance without consuming CPU cycles.

“Compared to classic RAID solutions, SupremeRAID uses an out-of-path RAID technology that transfers data directly from the CPU to storage for maximum SSD performance, comprehensive data security and flexibility from the cloud to the desktop to offer,” says Tom Paquette, SVP and GM Americas & EMEA, ANZ, India.

NVMe SSDs, with their high speed and low latency, accelerate data processing in the areas of CAD, video editing, IoT and gaming. Faster loading times, improved rendering, fast file transfers, smooth playback, efficient data processing and lower latency contribute to overall high performance.

The GPU-based SupremeRAID SR-1001 supports up to eight NVMe SSDs and can be used in tower setups and edge servers, professional workstations and gaming desktops. SupremeRAID SR-1001 is aimed at engineers, film and video editors, telecommunications companies, communication service providers (CSP) and managed service providers (MSP).

Graid Technology SupremeRAID SR-1001
Figure 1: SupremeRAID SR-1001 is said to provide a significant performance advantage over software and hardware RAIDs.

“With NVMe SSDs playing a critical role in cloud, core and edge infrastructures, enterprises want solutions that provide enhanced data security without sacrificing performance,” explains Paquette. “SupremeRAID SR-1001 meets these needs by providing the optimal performance and data security, while optimizing throughput, concurrency and latency, ensuring seamless performance at the edge.”

SupremeRAID SR-1000, SR-1010 and SR-1001

SupremeRAID SR-1001 is now available through all Graid Technology resellers and distributors worldwide.

In addition to the SR-1001, the storage company offers two other SupremeRAID solutions:

  • SupremeRAID SR-1000 : PCIe Gen 3 Card that supports up to 32 SSDs and is designed for 1U cloud and enterprise servers.
  • SupremeRAID SR-1010 : PCIe Gen 4 card with support for up to 32 SSDs, suitable for 2U cloud and enterprise servers.

Graid Technology is headquartered in Silicon Valley, California, and has a research and development center in Taipei, Taiwan. The company employs a total of 60 people.

Graid Technology presented its new products as part of the IT Press Tour (in San Francisco and Bay Area), which organizes visits to start-ups and IT companies several times a year.

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