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COMPUTEX 2023 Best Choice Golden Award Winner Feature — SupremeRAID™ by Graid Technology

( COMPUTEX, PR Center | JUNE 18, 2023) — SupremeRAID™ by Graid Technology is the world’s first RAID card that supports PCIe Gen3/Gen4/Gen 5 and is compatible with various NVMe SSD interfaces including U.2/U.3/E1.s/E3.s that also supports NVMeoF functions. SupremeRAID™ can unleash the full performance capability of SSDs that used to be the bottleneck of conventional RAID, it is also easy to install and supports up to 32 NVMe SSDs without needing additional power sources. SupremeRAID™ also has improved data storage, stronger security, and lower overall costs which also contributed to Graid Technology winning this year’s Best Choice Award 2023.

Graid Technology stated that in recent years hardware has evolved significantly. The performance gap between traditional HDDs and NVMe SSDs is nearly 20x and the server iteration speed continues to be faster and faster. This means conventional computing performance and architecture are no longer sufficient.

As other manufacturers focus on GPU and AI computing, the Graid Technology R&D team focuses on storage & memory technology developments. They introduced the next-generation GPU-accelerated RAID that combines AI performance and RAID storage.

SupremeRAID™ is aimed at enterprise-level data security protection and can maintain 100% of the NVMe performance level. Its key technology is virtualization which can effectively handle the CPU workload, manage stored memory and read & write data on SSDs. SupremeRAID™ can enhance the I/O performance such as writing & reading a large amount of data during AI training or performing high-speed operations for large databases. It can be implemented for AI Training, HPC, large-scale audio & video transmission, databases, and more.

The General Manager of APAC, MK Uang said “The spirit lies in the software.” Graid Technology, which amazed Samsung, indicated that traditional SSDs are connected to RAID cards, and the RAID cards are connected to the CPU through the PCIe bus. This series of connection has become a bottleneck that the PCIe bus needs to address. The performance of dedicated ASIC is limited and the development time is quite considerable; which makes it difficult to coordinate with the iterative pace of servers. SupremeRAID™ utilizes the virtualization technology to integrate the memories on CPU, DDR, SSD, and GPU into a virtual array; allowing all of the components to communicate with each other and increase the read/write speed up to 200 Gbps which is multiple times higher than the previous speed of 13 Gbps.

With the growing trends of ChatGPT, AI applications have attracted significant attention from various organizations. The AI training process requires a large amount of storage as memory access and storage can be the bottleneck regardless of the GPU speed. SupremeRAID™ can not only improve the processing speed but also reduce calculation time. With only 4 units of SSDs, it can effectively increase the storage performance by 3 to 5 times.

The high-efficiency, low-power SupremeRAID™ also saves space and hardware costs; while meeting the Power Usage Effectiveness and ESG requirements. It is an indispensable component for enterprise upgrading and digital transformation processes.

In addition, Graid Technology also actively expands their products’ applications and use cases to promote and support R&D processes to be more intense and comprehensive.

As SSD prices are becoming more affordable and with SupremeRAID™’s high-performance architecture; cutting-edge memory and storage solutions are expected to become more mainstream. Graid Technology believes that high-performance computing (HPC), AI model training, and databases are all opportunities for SupremeRAID™ in the near future. Currently, Graid Technology has supported over 200 customers and is looking forward to cooperating with partners such as Giga Computing, ASUS, TYAN, ASRock, MSI, and more to expand SupremeRAID™ applications throughout the world and promote Graid Technology to the world.

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