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Dell HPC Community Event: Using GPU Accelerated RAID to Maximize the Performance and Usable Capacity of NVMe Flash

Wednesday, January 31, 2024 | 10:00 AM-11:00 AM CT (1 hour)

The Dell Technologies HPC Community brings together professionals and practitioners from Dell Technologies, leading technology companies, and the HPC user community to advance the development, adoption, and impact of HPC. Register for this free community to watch on demand content.

Dell Technologies HPC Community presents, “Using GPU Accelerated RAID to Maximize the Performance and Usable Capacity of NVMe Flash” with Graid Technology. Simply log in to view the on-demand video; click “Resources” to download a .PDF of the session slides.

SupremeRAID™ is a software defined solution deployed on a GPU for maximum SSD performance without consuming CPU cycles. Unlike traditional RAID, which bottlenecks performance and reduces ROI on NVMe SSD spend, SupremeRAID™ employs unique out of path RAID technology, so data travels directly from CPU to storage to deliver maximum SSD performance, comprehensive data protection, and unmatched flexibility.

Using SupremeRAID™ avoids the inherent performance limitations in other RAID products, including ASIC-based hardware RAID and CPU-based software RAID.  Avoid costly overhead incurred when using RAID 10:  SupremeRAID™ can provide 50% to 80% more usable capacity by utilizing RAID 5 or 6, and yet still provide greater performance than Software Raid 10.  

Learn how SupremeRAID™ enhances the performance of BeeGFS, a parallel file system, developed and optimized for high-performance computing (HPC).   You will see how Graid’s partnership with Thinkparq and Dell have demonstrated that you can provide RAID protection for scratch storage with no impact on performance.



Guy Laporte, Solution Consultant
Dell Technologies

Kelley Osburn, Senior Director of OEM and Channel Business Development
Graid Technology Inc


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