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NEWS: ⏩ GRAID SupremeRAID™️ SR-1010 featured on

The successor to GRAID’s NVIDIA T1000-based controller has been unveiled by the company. This newest model is based on the NVIDIA RTX A2000 GPU and looks exactly like the NVIDIA solution, the only major difference being that this isn’t a graphics card and will have no display connectors.

GRAID SupremeRAID™️ SR-1010, lightning fast GPU RAID card
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The stand-out feature of the GRAID controllers is that they bring the CPU to ease by relieving it of its I/O process duty. Processing this is usually quite a big task for large RAID networks. Once the need to calculate these processes is eliminated, as much of the work is transferred to power-efficient GPUs, the RAID controllers have more space to breathe and hence work at their maximum productivity with faster speeds.

GRAID claims that their newest SR-1010 controller based on NVIDIA’s GA 106 will offer 19M IOPS in 4k random read speed with optimal Linux settings. For comparison, the SR-1000 controller offers 16 IOPS which means that the successor is 20% faster. Based on high-end software, the same solution will get a maximum of 3.5 IOPS which shows that GRAID’s newest GPU solution is 5.4 times speedier.

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