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Graid Technology + ScaleFlux: Read The App Note

Improve User Experience & SLAs by using Accelerated RAID and Hardware-Compression to control tail latency. Download the app note.

In the dynamic landscape of data storage and management, the evolution of technology continues to revolutionize how businesses handle their critical information. A recent application note delves into the synergy between Graid Technology and ScaleFlux, showcasing how their collaborative approach not only enhances user experiences but also addresses the pivotal challenge of tail latency in data centers.

Reinventing RAID for Modern Demands

Since its inception in the late ’80s, Redundant Arrays of Inexpensive Disks (RAID) has been a cornerstone of storage solutions. However, as technology has rapidly progressed, the challenges faced by modern RAID systems have evolved. With the exponential growth in IO performance and the rise of latency as a critical metric, traditional RAID configurations face hurdles in meeting contemporary demands.

The Role of SSD Latency and Transparent Compression

The PDF outlines the intricate workings of Solid-State Drives (SSDs) and the impact of latency, particularly concerning read tail latency. It explores how ScaleFlux’s CSD-3000 series NVMe SSDs, armed with transparent compression in the datapath, alleviate the effects of write IOs on NAND media, thereby reducing latency and enabling smoother operations, especially in conjunction with RAID solutions.

Overcoming Latency Challenges

Addressing SSD latency limitations, the document highlights various strategies to mitigate tail latency. It discusses the limits of vertical scaling through increased NAND Flash die and introduces the concept of horizontal scaling, necessitating the addition of more SSDs to support workloads.

Leveraging Graid Technology for Latency Management

Graid Technology’s SupremeRAID™ SR-1000 introduces a novel approach by offloading compute-intensive RAID calculations to a GPU, optimizing performance and effectively managing latency. This innovative architecture ensures near-native NVMe SSD performance while upholding reliability and capacity management, crucial for meeting stringent latency Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

Evaluating Latency Profiles and Conclusion

Through extensive evaluations and performance tests involving a collection of CSD-3310 NVMe SSDs integrated into a RAID 5 pool, the application note demonstrates the exceptional capabilities of SupremeRAID in creating virtual volumes that outperform physical volumes. It showcases the tool’s capacity to manage tail latency, offering consistent, low-latency performance at multi-million IOPS levels.

Unlock the Future of Storage with Graid Technology and ScaleFlux

In the rapidly evolving data storage realm, collaboration and innovation are key. Embracing these cutting-edge technologies can empower businesses to navigate the complexities of data management while delivering seamless user experiences. Graid Technology and ScaleFlux are at the forefront of redefining storage infrastructure. SupremeRAID™ from Graid Technology and the innovative SSD technology from ScaleFlux exemplify their commitment to delivering high-performance, resilient, and user-centric storage solutions.

How to Access the Application Note

To delve deeper into this groundbreaking collaboration and learn more about how these technologies can transform your storage infrastructure, please refer to the complete application note for detailed insights.

About Graid Technology and ScaleFlux

Graid Technology pioneers next-generation storage infrastructure with SupremeRAID™, revolutionizing the landscape of high-performance workloads. ScaleFlux introduces innovative SSD technology that simplifies data handling while accelerating value creation from data in modern data centers.

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