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NEWS: 🏆 CES Innovation Awards Honoree GRAID Displays Cutting-Edge RAID Solution at CES 2022

As a CES 2022 Innovation Awards Honoree, GRAID’s SupremeRAID™ NVMe RAID card is defining the future of data storage with its incredible speed, power and flexibility.

SANTA CLARA, Calif., January 14, 2022 ( – GRAID Technology (“GRAID”), the creator of the world’s first NVMe and NVMeoF RAID card, showcased its award-winning enterprise data protection solution to the world at the Taiwan Tech Arena Pavilion during CES 2022.

The CES Innovation Awards is an annual competition that honors the most exceptional design and engineering achievements in consumer technology. GRAID SupremeRAID™ was handpicked by an elite panel of industry expert judges from a record-high number of over 1,800 submissions — demonstrating its vast potential and status as a trailblazing industry innovator.

“We are honored to display our award-winning solution at the Taiwan Tech Arena. Our team is deeply passionate about providing customers with the world’s most powerful data protection for NVMe SSDs, without sacrificing the performance they need — and that begins with a forward-thinking approach. We selected Taiwan for our R&D center due to its extraordinary tech talent and reputation as an up-and-coming hub of innovation. This unique combination enabled us to develop SupremeRAID™, which provides the speed, ease of use, flexibility and TCO the market demands for the future of high-performance workloads,”

Leander Yu, CEO of GRAID.

Visionary technology to maximize SSD performance

Named one of the 10 Hottest Data Storage Startups of 2021 by CRN, GRAID SupremeRAID™ is already breaking world records with its visionary software plus hardware solution. SupremeRAID™ is the first NVMe RAID card in the world to eliminate the traditional RAID bottleneck and deliver maximum available SSD performance. With SupremeRAID™, GRAID is offering a new way for enterprise data centers to achieve record-breaking NVMe SSD or NVMeoF performance without sacrificing data security or business continuity.

While traditional RAID cards have worked well for enterprise data storage to a point, these technologies are struggling to keep up with the high level of performance offered by modern NVMe SSDs. With a single NVMe SSD able to deliver around one million IOPS and 7GB/s of throughput, traditional RAID cards or software RAID systems are no longer capable of handling the massive performance leap of an SSD — leading to a performance bottleneck in storage infrastructure.

GRAID’s disruptive solution sidesteps this challenge altogether with an entirely novel architecture that uses a GPU, rather than legacy RAID card, to deliver unparalleled computing performance. Designed for a modern software composable environment, GRAID SupremeRAID™ protects direct-attached flash storage as well as storage connected via NVMeoF, while delivering a blazing 16M IOPS 110GB/s throughput with a single card – at least five times faster than the competition.

GRAID’s extraordinary software plus hardware solution has redefined the value of SSD RAID cards and makes GRAID SupremeRAID™ the most powerful and flexible NVMe SSD RAID in the world. Book a demo today at

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