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OSNexus Certifies SupremeRAID™ by Graid Technology for Use with Supermicro Servers

OSNexus QuantaStor is now certified for use with SupremeRAID™ by Graid Technology, enabling boosted performance and durability for scale-out Ceph configurations. The testing was completed using Supermicro servers.

BELLEVUE, Wash., July 9, 2024 | PRNewswire-PRWeb |

OSNexus and Graid Technology today announced a new certification for SupremeRAID™, enabling integration with OSNexus QuantaStor.

GPU-accelerated SupremeRAID™ maximizes the performance and usable capacity of SSDs and delivers 8x~10x performance gain over traditional hardware and software RAID by utilizing patented out-of-path technology, which separates the control and data paths.

OSNexus QuantaStor enables organizations to replace traditional file, block and object storage systems with standard servers to deliver robust, reliable, and highly scalable object, file, and block storage solutions that are easy to deploy and maintain in a single platform.

Benefits of OSNexus & Graid:

  • Localized Rebuilds: Increase performance for scale-out configurations as no network bandwidth is required to rebuild from hot spare.
  • Durability: Greatly boosts durability as every node can sustain a device failure simultaneously, which is not possible using Ceph standard replication and EC modes.
  • Higher Fault Tolerance: Provides advanced redundancy, allowing multiple drive failures without data loss.
  • Optimized Rebuild Times: Faster recovery from disk failures, reducing downtime.
  • Unified Management and Automation: Offers a centralized console for monitoring and configuring RAID arrays, while automating rebuilds and health checks to simplify maintenance.
  • High Availability with Seamless Failover: Ensures continuous operation and minimizes downtime through high-availability configurations and automatic fail-over processes that maintain data access and system functionality during maintenance or failure events.

“SupremeRAID™ by Graid Technology, combined with the exceptional capabilities of OSNexus and Supermicro, sets a new benchmark for data storage solutions. Together, we are empowering businesses by revolutionizing the way they manage and protect their critical data,” said Leander Yu, President and CEO of Graid Technology. “This collaboration delivers unparalleled durability, fault tolerance, and seamless management, enhancing how organizations deploy and maintain scalable storage systems.”

“In our scale-out Ceph cluster testing with SupremeRAID™ controllers, we found that even while a drive was rebuilding, we had a modest boost in performance versus a standard Ceph configuration,” said Steven Umbehocker, CEO of OSNexus. “Using SupremeRAID™ is a great way to ensure constant, consistent cluster performance with substantially increased durability with the combination of Ceph software replicas and erasure coding combined with SupremeRAID™ RAID5.”

QuantaStor and Graid were tested and certified with Supermicro A+ Server 1114S-WN10RT.

“Supermicro has been working with both OSNexus and Graid Technology for many years to deliver high performance storage solutions using Supermicro’s line of Petascale All-Flash storage servers,” said Vik Malyala, President & Managing Director, EMEA; SVP, Technology & AI, Supermicro. “This new solution combining GPU accelerated SupremeRAID™ with OSNexus’s scale-up and scale-out QuantaStor storage software brings even higher levels of performance and data resiliency to Supermicro’s storage customers.”

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About Graid Technology and SupremeRAID™

Graid Technology, led by a dedicated team of experts with decades of experience in the SDS, ASIC, and storage industries, continues to push boundaries in data storage innovation. SupremeRAID™, hailed as the world’s only NVMe and NVMeoF RAID card to unlock the full potential of PCIe 3, 4, and 5 SSD performance, eliminates traditional RAID bottlenecks, leveraging GPU acceleration to maximize enterprise SSD performance. The company’s headquarters in Silicon Valley, supported by an R&D center in Taiwan, symbolizes our global commitment to pioneering advancements in storage solutions. Visit our website or connect with us on LinkedIn.

About OSNexus

Founded in 2010, OSNexus enables organizations to manage their storage as composable infrastructure with its QuantaStor™ industry-leading Software Defined Storage (SDS) platform. The QuantaStor platform provides scale-out file, block, and object storage on commodity hardware as an easy-to-manage storage grid solution. QuantaStor is deployed by Fortune 500 companies, government, and major research institutions to address a broad set of storage use cases ranging from backup, archive, cloud computing, virtualization, and high-performance applications. To start designing a QuantaStor solution, see our web based design apps at Go to for Trial Edition licenses or write to us at for more information.

© 2024 OSNexus Corporation. All rights reserved. OSNexus and QuantaStor are trademarks or registered trademarks of OSNexus Corporation. Product features, specifications, system requirements and availability are subject to change without notice.

Media Contact

Lauren Grob, OSNexus, 206-786-8933, lauren.grob@osnexus.com
Andrea Eaken, Graid Technology, (949) 742-9928,,


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