Global Partners, OEMs, Distributors & Resellers

Through extensive testing and research, Graid Technology has developed relationships with trusted partners across the globe. Scroll down and click on a logo to learn more.

Flexible &
Future Ready

Unmatched flexibility with features like new O/S support, compression, encryption, thin provisioning, or boot drive protection easily added with software releases.

World Record Performance

Increasingly demanding workloads require faster throughput. SupremeRAID™ delivers the speed you need to power high performance applications.

Liberate CPU Resources

Free-up precious CPU resources for high performance computing applications by offloading your entire RAID computation to the SupremeRAID™ card.

Plug & Play Capability

Effortless installation, simply plug into any open PCle slot to offload RAID processing; no cabling or motherboard re-layout required. Just click, boom—rocket speeds.

Highly Scalable Applications

Easily manage 32 direct attached NVMe SSDs; extend data protection without sacrificing performance with Software Composable Infrastructure (SCI).

User-Friendly Management

SupremeRAID™ eliminates the need for battery backup modules because it doesn’t rely on memory caching to improve performance, like traditional hardware RAID.

SupremeRAID™: Protecting NVMe-based Data From The Desktop To The Cloud

SupremeRAID™ next-generation GPU-accelerated RAID removes the traditional RAID bottleneck to deliver maximum SSD performance without consuming CPU cycles or creating throughput bottlenecks for unmatched flexibility, performance, and value. Contact us today to learn more.

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