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Storage Newsletter: Graid Soars with +475% Y/Y Growth, Strong Market Penetration Backed by Certifications, Validations, Partnerships, and OEM Support

“We learned that a big OEM and big distributors should be announced soon and it just illustrates the adoption rate of Graid in the industry. We won’t be surprised to see some M&A discussions from some players, it could come from Intel, AMD, Nvidia or special boards manufacturers even servers vendors, giving them a real differentiator.”

(Philippe Nicolas for Storage Newsletter / Feb 12, 2024)

Summary: Graid, founded in 2020 by Leander Yu, has successfully launched its new RAID card, SupremeRAID SR-1001, signaling a shift in strategy to serve all markets, from desktop to cloud solutions. With impressive funding of $22 million and +475% Y/Y growth between 2022 and 2023, the company has gained market traction, boasting numerous certifications, validations, partnerships, and OEM support.

The GPU-based SupremeRAID stands out by offloading intensive RAID processing for NVMe SSDs, showcasing its effectiveness in online data protection. This innovative approach addresses limitations of classic RAID implementations, particularly with high-capacity HDDs and SSDs. Graid’s model, differentiating itself from software RAID, leverages GPU technology, leading to significant performance advantages.

The newly announced SupremeRAID SR-1001, designed for edge servers and workstations, supports up to 8 SSDs, catering to specific environments. Additionally, Graid has made engineering advancements, reducing the size of the SR-1010 to one slot and releasing a fan-less kit. The SupremeRAID cards support direct NVMe connections and NVMe-oF, enabling diverse topologies across compute and storage servers.

The company’s UEFI boot utility, currently available for Linux, facilitates the creation of mirrored system disks, emphasizing their commitment to user-friendly solutions. Graid’s imminent partnerships with big OEMs and distributors underscore its industry adoption, potentially leading to M&A discussions, with Intel, AMD, Nvidia, or other key players seeking a valuable differentiator in the market.

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