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Storage Review: Unleash Unprecedented Storage Performance with SupremeRAID™ for Gen5

In a world where data reigns supreme, finding the perfect storage solution is key. Storage Review recently delved into the world of SupremeRAID™ for Gen5, and the results are nothing short of astounding. This technology isn’t just an upgrade; it’s a complete game-changer for realizing the full performance value of NVMe.

“Graid SupremeRAID Gen5 Support Lets SSDs Fly” | written by Brian Beeler, Nov. 27, 2023 — Read it on

“We’re perpetually impressed with the extreme storage performance Graid enables.”

SupremeRAID™ stands out by embracing a direct approach, bypassing complex configurations to address drives over the PCIe BUS. This direct connection offers unparalleled scalability, leaving traditional RAID cards in the dust. Unlike hardware RAID, SupremeRAID™ doesn’t just promise efficiency; it delivers on it. By utilizing a GPU and software-defined storage, it liberates the CPU, allowing it to focus on running applications.

 “SupremeRAID™ is much more efficient and performance scaling is greatly improved.”

The comparison between software RAID and SupremeRAID™ is eye-opening. While software RAID struggles due to its dependency on CPU resources, SupremeRAID™ showcased staggering performance differentials. How staggering? Approximately 509% higher in read and around 987% higher in write! These numbers speak volumes about the transformative power of SupremeRAID™ for Gen5.

“SupremeRAID™ doesn’t require an expensive or hard-to-find GPU, nor does it need to use one with external power. The software runs on just about any NVIDIA silicon we’ve tested with excellent results, the GPU is easy to install and requires no extra battery.”

What’s remarkable is the adaptability of SupremeRAID™. Even though it currently uses a Gen4 interface, it doesn’t hold back Gen5 drives’ full potential. In fact, with the advent of Gen5 GPUs, these impressive IOPS numbers are poised to skyrocket even further.

“For maximizing NVMe SSD performance, we haven’t seen anything on the market that can touch the SupremeRAID™ Gen5 solution. It’s fantastic, plus we’re doing the work on an inexpensive NVIDIA A2000 GPU.”

If your organization is eyeing Gen5 flash technology, diving into SupremeRAID™ is an absolute must. The investment potential is unprecedented. Storage Review’s exploration unveils a technology that not only maximizes Gen5 flash performance but propels it to unparalleled heights.

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