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Webinar: Storage Trends 2024 (SNIA)

What new storage trends are developing in the coming year? What applications and other factors are driving these trends? Learn from this discussion between industry experts in the latest webinar from SNIA. (Graid Technology featured at 38:00 by Brian Beeler)

Mar 13, 2024 / Duration: 58 mins. Watch the webinar here.

SNIA Forum Presented By:
Jeff Janukowicz, IDC
Brian Beeler,
Cameron T. Brett, SNIA STA Forum Chair

This discussion will cover:

  • How are AI and machine learning affecting storage needs?
  • What is the state of the storage industry in 2024?
  • Security concerns being addressed in data storage.
  • EDSFF E1 and E3: should you make the switch?
  • Is SAS dead? What is the role of SAS in the future of storage?
  • How to make data storage sustainable for current and future need.

Hear about applications driving upcoming trends and learn about market data illustrating the assertions. This promises to be a lively session and you don’t want to miss it!

About SNIA
SNIA is a not-for-profit global organization made up of corporations, universities, startups,
and individuals. The members collaborate to develop and promote vendor-neutral
architectures, standards, and education for management, movement, and security for
technologies related to handling and optimizing data. More from this channel here.

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