SupremeRAID™: The Best RAID Solution for AI & Machine Learning

SupremeRAID™ is the most effective RAID solution for AI and machine learning, offering faster I/O with GPU-based technology, improved read/write performance, over 50% more usable storage capacity, and full CPU access for applications by eliminating competition for CPU power.

How NVMe/NVMeoF RAID Benefits AI/ML Performance

The impact of NVMe SSDs is reshaping performance possibilities for AI/ML.
NVMe/NVMeoF RAID benefits AI/ML performance by enhancing data redundancy, fault tolerance, and data integrity, which are crucial for extensive training jobs that can take hours and often involve massive datasets. NVMe/NVMeoF RAID also ensures the reliability of AI/ML models, supports scalable storage solutions for growing datasets, and contributes to high availability by minimizing data loss and downtime from disk failures, all essential for continuous AI/ML deployment uptime.

The Balancing Act

RAID is a necessity, but traditional RAID is an I/O bottleneck, leaving little to no ROI on investment in AI/ML infrastructure

  • NVMe storage is used everywhere, with capacities and performance constantly increasing.
  • NVMe storage performance is evolving too fast to be fully utilized by existing storage architectures.
  • Software-based RAID competes with other applications
    for CPU power, slowing the whole system down.
  • Advances in NVMe technology are moving so fast that ASIC-based RAID can’t deliver the full performance capability of the SSDs – thus, bottlenecking your AI/ML deployment
The Solution

GPU-based SupremeRAID eliminates the RAID bottleneck and delivers faster I/O

  • Hardware RAID creates performance bottlenecks for NVMe RAID and can’t keep up with NVMe SSD capabilities.
  • Software RAID competes with OS and applications, consuming CPU and slowing performance.
  • SupremeRAID™ delivers faster I/O by utilizing patented out-of-path RAID technology: data travels directly from CPU to storage without passing through the SupremeRAID™ card.

How does AI & Machine Learning Benefit
from Faster I/O with SupremeRAID™?

Faster Data Loading for Model Training

Faster I/O reduces time spent on reading input data and allows for more rapid iterations during the training phase.

Reduced Model Training Times

In machine learning, faster I/O enables data scientists to experiment with different configurations more efficiently.

Improved Model Iteration

Faster I/O facilitates quicker model development by reducing the time required for data preparation and training.

Enhanced Data Preprocessing & Feature Engineering

Faster I/O speeds up crucial data preprocessing and feature engineering tasks for more responsive workflows.

Optimized Data Pipelines

Faster I/O ensures smoother movement through complex data pipelines, improving overall workflow efficiency.

Improved Real-Time Inference

For real-time applications where quick decision-making is essential, faster I/O contributes to reduced latency during model inference.

Improved Scalability Without Bottlenecks

Faster I/O improves the overall performance of distributed systems by allowing more efficient data transfer between nodes.

Optimized Hardware Accelerator Usage

Faster I/O ensures that hardware accelerators are fed with data efficiently, maximizing their utilization and accelerating the training process.

Enhanced User Experience

Faster I/O contributes to a more responsive user experience, leading to improved satisfaction with recommendation systems or virtual assistants.

More Efficient Resource Utilization

Faster I/O allows machine learning systems to spend less time waiting for data and more time on actual computation.

SupremeRAID™: The Best RAID Solution
for AI & Machine Learning

SupremeRAID™ is the best RAID solution for AI and machine learning, delivering faster I/O than traditional hardware or software RAID by utilizing GPU-based technology. By distributing data across multiple disks, SupremeRAID™ configurations significantly improve read and write performance, enabling quicker data access and processing. This efficiency allows for better use of AI/ML resources, eliminating the necessity for RAID10 to achieve high performance and providing users with over 50% more usable storage capacity. Additionally, SupremeRAID™ does not compete with AI/ML applications for CPU power, ensuring that these applications have full access to CPU resources.

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