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Graid Technology Announces SupremeRAID™ Software Version 1.5, Delivering Unmatched Performance for NVMe Users

New software release exploits PCIe Gen 5 technology, allowing users to capture maximum performance while maintaining data integrity and security.

SANTA CLARA, Calif., August 22, 2023 ( – Graid Technology Inc., the award-winning data protection provider and developer of the only RAID card to offer customers access to the full performance of NVMe SSDs, today announced their new software release (v1.5) for the SupremeRAID™ SR-1010 and SR-1000 offerings. Leveraging the power of PCIe Gen 5, SupremeRAID™ affords customers the performance advantage of higher bandwidth infrastructure at various RAID levels per the chart below:

Release v1.5
Hardware RAID
4K Random Read28 M IOPS4x better performance6.9 M IOPS
4K Random Write2 M IOPS3x better performance651 k IOPS
1M Sequential Read260 GBps9x better performance28.2 GBps
1M Sequential Write100 GBps9.6x better performance10.4 GBps

Along with the tremendous performance enhancements, SupremeRAID™ v1.5 adds additional features including increased Drive Group support from 4 to 8, enhanced Random I/O performance for AMD platforms, and support for Oracle Linux. Today, SupremeRAID™ v1.5 supports Linux, with similar functionality and increased performance for Windows Server available later this year.

“Gone are the days of I/O bottlenecks. We are extremely excited to be bringing SupremeRAID v1.5 for Linux to the market. Customers investing in NVMe along with PCIe Gen 5 infrastructure will experience unparalleled performance when deploying SupremeRAID to protect their data, giving customers the perfect platform for AI/ML, IoT, video processing, and other performance-hungry business applications.

Leander Yu, President, and CEO of Graid Technology

The release of SupremeRAID™ v1.5 continues to set Graid Technology apart from both software and hardware RAID options across the data protection market.  Both the patented out-of-path data flow and new Intelligent Parity data reduction technology securely position customers with a competitive advantage in their respective markets.

SupremeRAID™ software release v1.5 will be available to all Graid Technology customers, regardless of channel, as a free upgrade. As Graid Technology continues to expand its global OEM, distribution, and integration partnerships, the company remains committed to working with customers and partners to explore options for additional functionality in future product and software enhancements.

Benchmark Environment:

Hardware Spec:
Server: Supermicro AS-2125HS-TNR
CPU: AMD EPYC 9654 96-Core Processor x 2
Memory: Samsung M321R2GA3BB6-CQKVS DDR5 16GB x 24
SSD: Kioxia CM7 KCMY1RUG3T84 x 24
RAID Controller: SR-1010 x 1

Software Environment:
OS: Ubuntu 20.04.4 LTS
Kernel: 5.4.0-155-generic
Benchmarking tool: fio-3.16
SupremeRAID Driver version: 1.5.0

About Graid Technology Inc.

Headquartered in Silicon Valley, CA with an R&D center in Taipei, Taiwan, our leadership is composed of a dedicated team of experts with decades of experience in the SDS, ASIC, and storage industries. Chosen by CRN as a 2022 Emerging Vendor in the Storage & Disaster Recovery category, and FMS 2022 Best of Show winner, Graid Technology Inc. has developed the world’s only NVMe and NVMeoF RAID card to unlock the full potential of PCIe 3, 4, and 5 SSD performance without sacrificing system integrity or security. Visit our website or connect with us on Twitter or LinkedIn.

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