SupremeRAID™ Use Cases

Designed for performance-demanding workloads, SupremeRAID™ GPU-accelerated RAID removes the traditional RAID bottleneck to deliver maximum SSD performance without consuming CPU cycles or creating throughput bottlenecks for unmatched flexibility, performance, and value.

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SupremeRAID™ Use Cases

“Server manufacturing represents 15–30% of each machine’s carbon impact. Reusing existing machines reduces e-waste—the fastest-growing waste category today—and lowers greenhouse gas emissions. The problem is older servers have the highest failure rates. One of the main issues comes from older RAID controllers: they have batteries, which increase failure rates. By retrofitting older servers with SupremeRAID™ and newer NVMe SSDs, the performance and reliability of these older machines can be massively improved, thus extending their use life as well as reducing cost, emissions, and e-waste.”

— Datacenter Decommissioning Expert

SupremeRAID™ Use Case

Triple the Lifespan of Servers

SupremeRAID™ Use Case

Microscopy Instruments
Including Light, Electron, & Cryogenic Electron

“Data transfer between a Windows client, which manages the operation of the microscopy system, and the Linux compute nodes presented a significant bottleneck. However, SupremeRAID™ delivered line saturating performance, improving the efficiency of the workflow and overall value of this new design approach. The improved sustained write performance of 100GB/s, especially in RAID5, is especially important to us.

— Director of Core Analysis, Tier 1 Research Hospital

“AI Training requires reading large amounts of data, a procedure that can take more than 12 hours with traditional solutions. Combining SupremeRAID™ and NFS over RDMA reduced the procedure to 2 hours—a huge productivity improvement.”

— AI Director, Well-known Health Research Institution

SupremeRAID™ Use Case

AI Training

SupremeRAID™ Use Case

Automobile, Aviation & Drone

“When recording large amounts of high-definition video in a limited environment, a RAID1 solution might be able to keep up with the speed but it’s not cost efficient. SupremeRAID™ delivers RAID5/6 that matches the performance of RAID1, which pumps up the available space from 50% to 80+%. Not only is it good for cost savings but also makes a lot of things possible in this limited environment.”

— Solution Architect, Global Aviation Company

“In situations where fast access to data without bottlenecks is critical to life and death, SupremeRAID™ consistently delivers crucial patient data to the healthcare providers that need it the most.”

— Database Architect, Nationally-recognized Level 1 Trauma Medical Center

SupremeRAID™ Use Case

Emergency Healthcare

SupremeRAID™ Use Case

4K Video Surveillance

“To capture a car race with 4k video quality from different cameras requires more than 10GB/s write throughput. SupremeRAID™ is the only RAID solution to deliver this kind of performance with RAID5 data protection.”

— IT Director, Global Media Company

“Scale-out/parallel file systems such as Spectrum Scale, Lustre, and BeeGFS still rely on traditional hardware or software RAID for drive level protection within storage nodes. SupremeRAID™ unlocks even more performance and maximize usable capacity for HPC workloads.”

— HPC Solution Architect, North America-based Tier-one Server Manufacturer

SupremeRAID™ Use Case

High Performance Computing

SupremeRAID™ Use Case

Healthcare Databases

“Healthcare organizations face multiple challenges in storing and maintaining increasingly large volumes of patient data; SupremeRAID™ solved our need for flexible, scalable infrastructure capable of processing and protecting massive volumes of data on demand, while also lowering our overall maintenance costs.”

— IT Director, Globally-recognized Medical Research Facility

“Current hardware RAID is obviously not the solution for local databases due to its latency and performance limitation for NVMe SSDs. SupremeRAID™ provides unbeatable performance and latency for databases to realize the full benefits of using NVMe SSDs.”

— Solution Architect, Tier-one IT Company

SupremeRAID™ Use Case

Local Databases

SupremeRAID™ Use Case

SAN/NAS Storage Systems

“While most of the all-flash array vendors in the market only deliver up to 1.5M IOPS, SupremeRAID™ makes 28M IOPS possible with a single card.”

— R&D Director, SAN Storage Company

Taking the storage world by storm. Don’t just take our word for it, see what others are saying about SupremeRAID™.

“A regular RAID array can’t match SAN & NAS NVMe performance, but SupremeRAID™ surely does.”
StarWind Hyperconvergence, Volodymyr Khrystenko
“Tremendous computational power…SupremeRAID™ delivers superior performance while increasing scalability, improving flexibility, and lowering TCO by utilizing the computational power of the GPU.”
StorageReview, SupremeRAID™ SR-1010 Review
“Absolutely astonishing storage performance. We don’t know exactly what SupremeRAID™’s algorithm looks like, but whatever magic it’s doing, it seems to work.”
Hot Hardware, SupremeRAID™ SR-1010 Review
“Leveraging a speedier PCIe 4.0 interface, the SupremeRAID™ SR-1010 arrives with a substantial performance uplift… it’s light years beyond even the most high-end hardware RAID arrays.”
Tom’s Hardware, SupremeRAID™ SR-1010 Review
“Absolutely phenomenal, we were blown away by the efficacy of this simple to use card and accompanying software. Compared to traditional hardware or software RAID options, SupremeRAID™ offers amazing ROI for demanding workloads.”
StorageReview, SupremeRAID™ SR-1000 Review
“The top line is SupremeRAID™ ‘Killer RAID’ is 25 times faster than the Broadcom hardware.”
Blocks & Files, October 2022
“We are thrilled to team with an innovative company such as Graid Technology. Customers will quickly see the benefits in applications ranging from VMs and Containers to AI and HPC.”
Vik Malyala, President & MD, EMEA; SVP, WW FAE & Business Development, Supermicro
“We’re perpetually impressed with the extreme storage performance Graid enables. For maximizing NVMe SSD performance, we haven’t seen anything on the market that can touch the SupremeRAID™ Gen5 solution. It’s fantastic, plus we’re doing the work on an inexpensive NVIDIA A2000 GPU.”
StorageReview, SupremeRAID™ for Gen5
“SupremeRAID™ boasts awe-inspiring sequential read and write speeds that greatly surpass software RAID5.”
StorageReview, SupremeRAID™ QLC Performance Review
“Gone are the days of IO bottlenecks…[SupremeRAID™ is] the perfect platform for AI/ML, IoT, video processing, and other performance-hungry business applications.”
Blocks & Files, SupremeRAID™ v1.5 Release
“Probably the most impressive test we’ve seen so far…almost perfect scaling, that’s freaking incredible!”
Linus Tech Tips, SupremeRAID™ SR-1000 Review

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SupremeRAID™: Protecting NVMe-based Data From The Desktop To The Cloud

SupremeRAID™ next-generation GPU-accelerated RAID removes the traditional RAID bottleneck to deliver maximum SSD performance without consuming CPU cycles or creating throughput bottlenecks for unmatched flexibility, performance, and value. Contact us today to learn more.

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