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Graid Technology: The Future of Data Performance –

(, Carolina Heyder, October 11, 2022)

” Graid Technology’s SupremeRAID™ is five times faster than previous solutions and delivers cost reductions of up to 80%.”

Leander Yu, CEO of Graid Technology, alongside Tom Paquette, its vice-president in charge of the Americas and EMEA markets.

Storage start-up Graid Technology introduces new NVMe-RAID card that aims to solve the traditional RAID bottleneck.

The presentation of the storage start-up  Graid Technology took place as part of the IT Press Tour in California. The current edition of the specialist event, which was launched in June 2010, is dedicated to the topics of IT infrastructure, data management and storage. This time the journey took us to Silicon Valley, where start-ups and innovative IT companies offer an insight into future-oriented technologies.

Flexible and future-oriented

Graid Technology’s SupremeRAID™ is a next-generation controller that combines hardware and software to deliver maximum performance for Solid State Drives (SSD).  Graid wants to replace the classic Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks (RAID) controller and relies on graphics cards (GPUs) for this. The solution aims to eliminate the traditional RAID bottleneck.

What is special about it is that input/output operations (I/O) are processed directly out of the path. The tool frees up processor (CPU) resources by taking over all IO processing and RAID calculation load, freeing valuable CPU resources for high-performance applications. This increases productivity and at the same time reduces costs.

Specifically, 19 million IOPS are to be achieved with a data throughput of 110 gigabytes per second. This is five times faster than previous solutions and should lead to cost reductions of up to 80 percent.

Traditional hardware RAID cards require the storage disks to be connected directly to the RAID card with cables, which limits their use in modern software-compatible infrastructures or high-performance applications. In contrast, SupremeRAID does not require any additional cables to connect SSD hard drives to the RAID card. This eliminates the cost of customizing the existing hardware system and avoids another potential source of error.

In terms of flexibility, the tool supports a variety of NVMe interfaces. That means it can be used with U.2, M.2 or even AIC NVMe interfaces.

High flexibility is also achieved through the support of new operating systems and functions such as compression, encryption, thin provisioning or boot disk protection, which can be easily added with new software versions.

Leander Yu, Founder and CEO of Graid adds: “The emergence of new applications as well as rapidly changing business environments and technological advances require a lot from companies. Our solution offers advanced, software-based RAID data protection with unprecedented performance speeds for heavy workloads.”

Graid Technology’s NVMe RAID card is designed to protect not only directly attached flash storage, but also those attached via NVMe over Fabrics. The technology offers advanced, software-based RAID data protection with very fast performance speeds for demanding workloads. The total cost of ownership (TCO) should be quite low.

About Graid Technology

Chosen by CRN as one of the Ten Hottest Data Storage Startups of 2021 and a 2022 Emerging Vendor in the Storage & Disaster Recovery category, Graid Technology Inc. has developed the world’s first NVMe and NVMeoF RAID card to unlock the full potential of enterprise SSD performance. We’re headquartered in Silicon Valley, with an R&D center in Taiwan, and are led by a dedicated team of experts with decades of experience in the SDS, ASIC and storage industries. Graid Technology Inc. is redefining performance standards for enterprise data protection: a single SupremeRAID™ card delivers 19 million IOPS and 110GB/s of throughput. For more information on Graid Technology Inc., connect with us on Twitter or LinkedIn.

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