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VIDEO: šŸ“¹ – GRAID NVMe RAID Card Review (It’s really AI and a GPU)

“Mind blowing numbers… GRAID SupremeRAIDā„¢ performed exceedingly well; certainly worth a POC to see what this card can do for your high performance applications.”

“We recently posted a written review on the site of the GRAID SupremeRAID SR-1000. Ostensibly an NVMe RAID card, that notion gets dispelled pretty quickly upon unboxing. It’s actually an NVIDIA GPU that pairs with GRAID’s AI to deliver lossless RAID for NVMe SSDs. This is a huge deal because right now, the other options aren’t great. Software RAID has many limitations, as do the popular tri-mode RAID cards that dominate today. Join us to learn more about the GRAID solution in this video review.” Read the full review here

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