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White Paper: SupremeRAID™ BeeGFS™ Performance with GIGABYTE™ Servers

Our latest white paper explores how SupremeRAID™ with GIGABYTE™ S183-SH0 creates an extremely dense and efficient parallel filesystem solution and enhances the performance of BeeGFS—making it ideal for High-Performance Computing and Artificial Intelligence applications.

SupremeRAID™ by Graid Technology uses GPU-based acceleration to deliver extremely high RAID performance. Using SupremeRAID™ avoids the inherent performance limitations in other RAID products, including ASIC-based hardware RAID and CPU-based software RAID.

This paper explores how SupremeRAID™ enhances the performance of BeeGFS, a parallel file system, developed and optimized for high-performance computing (HPC). Performance measurements occurred using StorageBench and IOzone. StorageBench is a BeeGFS benchmark that measures the streaming throughput of the underlying file system and devices independent of the network performance. IOzone tests a wide range of IO operations to simulate real-world workloads and is designed to find performance bottlenecks in the overall system.

Testing occurred using GIGABYTE servers operating as two storage nodes and four client nodes. Findings show exceptional storage and BeeGFS performance, as summarized in the following pages, demonstrating that choosing SupremeRAID™ for data protection is a highly effective way to maximize performance.

Performance BenchmarkTheoretical
SupremeRAID™ 5
SupremeRAID™ 5
StorageBench 140 GB/s1130.35 GB/s70 GB/s
IOzone50 GB/s245.10 GB/s42.97 GB/s
1. Two sets of twelve 7 GB/s SSDs configured as four RAID 5 groups.
2. Four 100G Ethernet links for a total of 400G.

The BeeGFS StorageBench benchmark, designed to measure raw storage performance, demonstrates impressive SupremeRAID™ 5 read speeds of 130.35 GB/s and write speeds of 70 GB/s. Also, the StorageBench RAID 5 read performance approaches the theoretical performance limit, with read and write performance significantly higher than the network bottlenecked IOzone benchmark, showcasing the superior storage performance of SupremeRAID™.

The IOzone benchmark, designed to simulate real-world client workloads that include network transmission overhead, is similarly impressive. Read and write speeds reach 45.10 GB/s and 42.97 GB/s, respectively, with 256 threads. Importantly, these figures approach the theoretical limit of a 400G network (50 GB/s), suggesting SupremeRAID™ can almost fully utilize a 400G network composed of four 100G network links.

In summary, SupremeRAID™ delivers high performance under raw storage and real-world workload scenarios, and as demonstrated by the BeeGFS StorageBench results, SupremeRAID™ achieves remarkably high storage performance levels under RAID5 protection.

Furthermore, the IOzone results reveal that SupremeRAID™ can efficiently handle real-world client workloads while optimally utilizing high-speed network infrastructure.

When coupled with GIGABYTE S183-SH0, SupremeRAID™ provides an extremely dense and efficient parallel filesystem solution and makes it an ideal solution for High-Performance Computing (HPC) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications. Download the white paper to learn more.

Learn more about the value of SupremeRAID™:

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