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BLOG: StarWind GRAID Technology Backup Appliance Technical Overview & Whitepaper

StarWind Backup Appliance (BA) reimagines the approach to and the technology behind backup overall. We’ve taken the components traditionally associated with performance enhancement and created a revolutionary backup solution. StarWind Backup Appliance is a state-of-the-art backup server fit inside a tiny 1U platform that brings unprecedented backup and restore speed and efficiency.

Typical Backup Infrastructure

Modern businesses cannot allow themselves the luxury of downtime. Ensuring data is protected and instantly recoverable is critical. However, traditional backup systems take significant time to backup data and, consequentially, require even more to restore it.

GRAID Starwind Backup Appliance

Disaster recovery and data protection suffer in speed and quality as a result. This is mostly caused by legacy, very slow and totally inefficient HDDs. Ransomware also targets the speed-related loopholes in such old-fashioned backup infrastructures. SMEs are frequently constrained in financial and human resources. IT departments are forced to do more with less. Thus, the backup server usually becomes an afterthought and a storage bottleneck.

StarWind Backup Infrastructure

Faulty backup infrastructure is a hazard for the entire company. Reputation and financial damages can be profound, depending on downtime or ransomware hit case severity.

Backup Appliances from StarWind eliminate any dependency of the production environment on slow backup systems by harnessing the power of all-NVMe storage. Typical, slow backup recovery turns into instant recovery with StarWind.

The backup window concept is eliminated entirely, as the backup routine becomes ultra-fast, automated, immutable, ransomware-resilient on all levels, and easy to manage by design. The backup solution from StarWind can meet any RTO and RPO requirements while coming at a reasonable price.

World-Shattering Backup Server

Combining cutting-edge technology in a creative way makes StarWind Backup Appliance unique to the industry when it comes to backup speed and data protection:

Intel® NVMe SSDs
fastest available storage to date

Intel® Xeon®
Ice Lake CPUs latest generation of Intel processors

world’s first NVMe-oF RAID card

StarWind SDS
unrivaled storage virtualization

StarWind Backup Appliance is for businesses that look into the future and that plan to evolve. Our backup solution qualitatively changes the approach to backups and we’ve efficiently combined tech that’s never been seen work together before.

Its design is fully future-proof, allowing organizations to benefit from the tech that’s not as widely used yet but which rapidly emerges as the new standard. Its architecture will be actual and last for years to come. Encasing all that power in an SME-priced 1U rack, StarWind Backup Appliance is a surefire investment into one’s business continuity.

StarWind Backup Appliance is fully compatible with Veeam B&R V10 and V11, as well as with Veeam Instant VM Recovery

SupremeRAID™ processes RAID itself, liberating the much-needed compute for incomparable application performance.

Key Benefits

Blazing-Fast Backups

StarWind Backup Appliance eliminates
the need in trying to schedule backup windows as well as any dependency of fast production environments on slow backup systems.

Eco-Friendly Solution

StarWind Backup Appliance substantially improves your ecological footprint due to less heat generated and less power consumed per I/O to cool the system thanks to being all-NVMe.

Ultra-Fast Restores

The StarWind backup solution fits even the strictest RTPO requirements and makes sure your workloads will perform as fast as possible even during critical events.


The solution will perfectly fit into your existing backup infrastructure or become a basis for a new one without any hardware, hypervisor, or backup software restrictions.

Key Features

Enhanced Data Safety

Segregates backup storage and backup application layers with smart storage connection and protects against drive failure by employing erasure-coding technologies.

Transparent Architecture

The transparent and future-proof architecture combines the best commodity hardware, an industry-standard hypervisor of your choice, and a StarWind SDS engine.

Easy to Start and Use

Comes as a fully pre-configured and ready-to-backup solution that has been designed as per your specific requirements and that is easily operated through a Web UI.

ProActive Premium Support

The combination of perpetual monitoring, machine learning failure prediction, and automated remote troubleshooting ensures 24/7/365 impeccable operation.

Enter the New Age of Backup with StarWind

StarWind Backup Appliance will become the perfect fit for those Enterprise ROBO, SMB, and Edge that are looking to simplify their backup process administration, resolve their backup bottleneck, and make sure they can recover any data unprecedentedly fast.

It’s a holistic backup solution that provides for an extensively increased backup infrastructure longevity by being resilient, forward-thinking, and economical, while ensuring unprecedented backup and restore, making it a smart and highly cost-effective investment.

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