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The Ultimate Fusion of Performance and Protection:  CipherDriveOne Plus & SupremeRAID™ 

Achieve Maximum NVMe Performance Plus Cutting-Edge Data Protection with NSA CSfC DAR Security

In today’s fast-paced world, organizations require high-performance storage solutions that can keep up with the demands of mission-critical applications. However, the need for enterprise-grade data protection, reliability, security, and encryption can often mean sacrificing storage performance. Consequently, many businesses face a trade-off between data security and system speed. But what if you could have both? 

What is CSfC DAR Security?

CSfC stands for Commercial Solutions for Classified. It’s a program by the National Security Agency (NSA) that aims to enable the use of commercial products and technologies in layered solutions protecting classified national security systems information.

DAR (Data at Rest) Security specifically refers to security measures implemented for data storage, ensuring the protection of data while it’s stored or inactive. CSfC DAR Security would involve solutions and technologies approved by the NSA’s CSfC program specifically tailored for securing data at rest, which often includes encryption, access controls, authentication, and other robust security measures.

Why CipherDriveOne Plus & SupremeRAID™?

CipherDriveOne Plus offers NSA CSfC-certified pre-boot authentication, but government contractors require that as well as RAID protection. The problem with hardware RAID is that the RAID controller will lock the hard drives, making it impossible for CSfC solutions to lock/authenticate and unlock NVMe SSDs or spinning disks (old hard drive technology). 

Prior to SupremeRAID™, the only other choice was traditional software RAID, which is slow because it requires the operating system and CPU do double the work. SupremeRAID™ however, is GPU-accelerated software RAID that does not lock the hard drives — so CSfC products like CipherDriveOne Plus can lock and authenticate the hard drives.

CipherDriveOne Plus & SupremeRAID™: Next-Level NVMe Performance Paired with Cutting-Edge Data Protection for Ultimate Security

With CipherDriveOne Plus by KLC Group and SupremeRAID™ by Graid Technology, customers can now enjoy the benefits of lightning-fast NVMe performance while also ensuring maximum protection and NSA CSfC DAR Security for their data. This unbeatable combination provides businesses with the world’s fastest NVMe storage, without sacrificing data security. 

Download the solution brief to learn more.

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