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NEWS:⚡ Graid Technology SR-1010 Review By Tom’s Hardware

“Leveraging a speedier PCIe 4.0 interface, the SupremeRAID™ SR-1010 arrives with a substantial performance uplift…it’s light years beyond even the most high-end hardware RAID arrays.”, April 28, 2022 (Read It Here)

Graid GPU-Powered RAID Blasts to 110 GBps, 19 Million IOPS: The ultimate RAID array

Graid Technology (via StorageReview) has launched the SupremeRAID™ SR-1010, touted as the “world’s fastest NVMe and NVMeoF RAID card for PCIe Gen 4.” The new SupremeRAID™ SR-1010 aims to take SSD RAID performance to the next level, ensuring there is no performance left on the table.

The new SupremeRAID™ SR-1010 is the successor to the company’s previous SupremeRAID™ SR-1000, which was on the PCIe 3.0 interface. However, leveraging a speedier PCIe 4.0 interface, the SupremeRAID™ SR-1010 arrives with a substantial performance uplift. The sequential read performance remains unchanged at 110 GBps, but the SupremeRAID™ SR-1010 boasts sequential write performance of 22 GBps — twice as fast as the SupremeRAID™ SR-1000.

When it comes to random performance, the Graid Technology rates the SupremeRAID™ SR-1010 with read and write speeds up to 19M IOPS and 1.5M IOPS, respectively. So we’re looking at a 19% uplift in read performance and a whopping 83% in write performance.

The SupremeRAID SR-1010 is light years beyond even the most high-end hardware RAID arrays. According to Graid Technology’s figures, the SupremeRAID™ SR-1010 offers over 8X higher sequential reads and 5.5X sequential writes. In addition, random performance shows more than 5X better random reads and 8X random writes.

The SupremeRAID™ SR-1010 features a dual-slot design and measures 2.713 x 6.6 inches (height x length). In addition, the NVMeoF RAID card utilizes a blower design with a single cooling fan to keep temperatures in check. According to StorageReview, the SupremeRAID™ SR-1010 employs Nvidia’s RTX A2000 (Ampere) GPU — a significant upgrade over the SupremeRAID™ SR-1000, which has the Nvidia T1000 (Turing) at its heart.

nThe SupremeRAID™ SR-1010 fits into an x16 expansion slot, but to unlock its full potential you might want to make sure that it’s a PCIe 4.0 interface. The maximum power consumption of 70W is only 20W higher than its predecessor. The SupremeRAID™ SR-1010 admits RAID 0, 1, 5, 6, and 10 arrays like the previous model. The card manages up to 32 directly attached NVMe SSDs and supports the most popular Linux distributions and Windows Server 2019 and 2022.

About Graid Technology

Graid Technology is headquartered in Silicon Valley, California with an office in Ontario, CA, and an R&D center in Taipei, Taiwan. Named one of the Ten Hottest Data Storage Startups of 2021 by CRN, Graid SupremeRAID™ performance is breaking world records as the first NVMe and NVMeoF RAID card to unlock the full potential of your SSD performance: a single SupremeRAID™ card delivers 16 million IOPS and 110GB/s of throughput. For more information on Graid Technology, visit or connect with us on Twitter or LinkedIn.



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