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Onesheet: SupremeRAID™ vs. Software RAID

SupremeRAID™ unique out-of-path RAID solution delivers better performance, scalability, and optimized resource utilization than the leading software RAID, which clogs CPU resources. Download the onesheet to learn how it works!

While software RAID consumes significant system resources while protecting data, especially when using solid-state drives (SSDs), SupremeRAID™ works differently. It combines two powerful technologies — software-defined storage (SDS) and GPU acceleration — to create an innovative solution ideal for NVMe SSD data protection. The result is better RAID-protected storage with the same number of PCIe NVMe SSDs.

  • SupremeRAID™ delivers performance up to 1.8 times higher vs. the leading software RAID
  • SupremeRAID™ CPU utilization that is up to 20 times lower vs. the leading software RAID
  • SupremeRAID™ consumes up to 30% less power vs. the leading software RAID

Don’t waste your time and money on software RAID.

Download our onesheet to learn how SupremeRAID™ rescues wasted CPU performance, maximizes your server investment, delivers the most value from your configuration.

Want to learn more? Check out Technical Comparison: SupremeRAID™ vs. Software RAID and browse our collection of white papers and use cases, or check out our global partner and distribution network to find SupremeRAID™ wherever you might need it:

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