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FMS 2023 Speaker Session: Benefits of NVMe SSDs with RAID Offload

👉  Don’t miss our Flash Memory Summit Speaker Session!
DCTR-303-1: Enterprise Storage Part 1
Thurs August 10, 2023 11:00 AM / Santa Clara Convention Center, Ballroom E
“NVMe SSDs with RAID Offload for the Data Center: Testing Activities & Performance Results”

Say goodbye to performance bottlenecks and hello to enhanced server capabilities! Join us, as well as our global partners, at Flash Memory Summit (Santa Clara Convention Center) August 8-10, as we showcase our cutting-edge data storage solution that’s changing the game for businesses and organizations worldwide. Visit us at booth #639 to learn more about our revolutionary SupremeRAID™️ GPU-based RAID controller.

Graid Technology Inc., Booth #639: showcasing Supermicro and Western Digital platforms
Supermicro, Booth 1045: showcasing SupremeRAID™️
Western Digital, Booth 521: showcasing SupremeRAID™️
Dapustor, Booth 955: showcasing SupremeRAID™️

Don’t miss an opportunity to meet our leadership team and learn how you can challenge the status quo for high performance workloads with SupremeRAID™️. Book a meeting now! Email today or complete the contact form below.

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