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White Paper: Harnessing the Performance of PCIe Gen 5

A Deep Dive into Unprecedented RAID Performance with SupremeRAID™, KIOXIA® NVMe Solid-state Drives, and Supermicro® Servers

The white paper “Harnessing the Performance of PCIe Gen 5: A Deep Dive into Unprecedented RAID Performance with SupremeRAID™, KIOXIA® NVMe Solid-state Drives, and Supermicro® Servers” is a revelation in the realm of storage solutions. It uncovers groundbreaking advancements achieved through the integration of SupremeRAID™ with KIOXIA CM7 SSDs and Supermicro servers.

This exploration into the prowess of SupremeRAID™ in a RAID6 configuration against Linux MD RAID6/10 showcases unparalleled results. When combined with Supermicro AS-2125HS-TNR and 24 KIOXIA CM7 NVMe SSDs, this innovative system boasts an exceptional 676 TB of usable capacity under RAID6 protection, offering impressive read and write throughputs catering to high-demand applications in HPC, AI, and databases.

RAID6 emerges as a superior solution, addressing both performance and reliability concerns, unlike RAID10, which sacrifices usable capacity, and RAID5, which provides just a single redundant drive. Most notably, SupremeRAID™ optimizes performance without excessively burdening CPU resources, a common challenge in software RAID solutions.

The Supermicro servers specified, such as the Hyper A+, Hyper SuperServers, and Storage A+ Servers, certified for SupremeRAID™, demonstrate their prowess in various applications like Software-defined Storage, Virtualization, Cloud Computing, AI Inference, and Machine Learning.

KIOXIA CM7-R Series NVMe SSDs complement the white paper’s discoveries, offering robust support for enterprise applications, exhibiting high IOPS and storage capacities that fortify read-intensive operations.

SupremeRAID™ stands out as a revolutionary solution for PCIe Gen 3, 4, and 5, realizing up to 28M IOPS and 220GB/s with a single card. It efficiently offloads parity calculation to the GPU, surpassing its counterparts in both efficiency and CPU utilization.

Benchmark analyses reveal SupremeRAID™ RAID6’s unmatched performance across various workloads, offering significantly higher IOPS and throughput while optimizing CPU utilization. These outcomes redefine the boundaries of storage solutions, promising unprecedented performance, reliability, and scalability.

To unlock the full potential of these technological innovations, download the white paper and witness the paradigm shift in storage solutions, addressing the demands of extensive CPU and data processing applications. Discover the future of storage with SupremeRAID™, KIOXIA CM7, and Supermicro servers today.

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